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Innovation 101

Understand Your Organization

before you can revolutionize the industry, Revolutionize your company

Departmental excellence is often understated when talking about innovation. The fact of the matter is that many of the technologies and processes found in companies are grandfathered in from a simpler time. The philosophy of “good-enough” is no longer relevant to the modern company. Individual departments organization must be operating at a high-level to even begin to compete in the digital economy.

Our guides outline innovation from both sides of the department: How can you innovate your department? How can your department support innovation?


Public Relations

PR is the link between the public and a company’s innovation efforts. In the digital age, there is a long list of PR outputs to be leveraged: media releases, social media posts, launch events, partnership seeking, and crisis management.

Where should the PR director, with high hopes of transforming a jaded show with tired animals into a dynamic, agile experience, begin in this Ringling PR circus?

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The finance department is one of the key gatekeepers of a modern company. No matter the
department, decisions are almost always made with the following financial question in mind: “How does
this affect my bottom line?”

Despite being an essential function, the finance department hasn’t kept up with the pace of change.
Many departments have been using the same tools for years. Departments still assess projects with ill-
fitting metrics. CFOs struggle to make decisions on funding long-term innovations as they look at
quarterly balance sheets.

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Human Resources

If innovation is the machine that advances society, perhaps ideas are the lubricant that keeps it humming. Break-through concepts and discoveries are not generated from automated systems, intelligent engineering, or robotics, and machines cannot completely replace the human element that creates them.

This guide hopes to alleviate some of the concerns of HR professionals and decision makers to simplify the modern HR landscape.

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