Subject Matter Experts

Explore the experts driving innovation in a variety of topics. The list includes a range of voices from entrepreneurs and CEOs to journalists and non-profit advocates. 

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Klint Finley (WIRED) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Louis Columbus (Ingram Micro Cloud Forbes) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Irina Starikova  Twitter LinkedIn

Chris Clearfield (System Logic) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Patrick Moorhead (Moor Insights and Strategy)  Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Jennifer Zeidler (Tulane Univ) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Christopher Skroupa (Skytop Strategies) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Dan Woods (Evolved Media Columnia Univ.) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

John Pavlus (Pavlus Office) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Christina Lee (Highlight NYU) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Cade Metz (NY Times) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Jeremy Goldman (Firebrand Group) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Bernard Marr (Bernard Marr and Co) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Nicolaus Henke (Quantum Black, University of Münster) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium

Tom Simonite (WIRED) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

James Vincent (The Verge)  Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Jeff Dean (Google) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Diane Greene (Google VMWare) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium

Reza Zadeh (Matroid Stanford) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub

Michael Guerzhoy (University of Toronto) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Eric Garton (Bain and Co.) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Andy Noble (Bain and Co., Kellogg School of Management) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Darrell Rigby (Bain and Co.) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Jeff Sutherland (Scrum, Inc.) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Hirotaka Takeuchi (Harvard Biz School) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Adam Fridman (Inc., Mabbly) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Steve Denning (World Bank Oxford) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Bala Iyer (Babson College NYU Stern School of Business) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Mohan Subramaniam (Boston College) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Daniel Newman (Futurum Research + Analysis, North Central College) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium 

Laurie Wurster (Gartner) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Samim Winige Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

François Chollet (Google) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub

Pierr Johnson (Trefis, Yale) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Gerard Briscoe (Glasgow School of Art Private) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Steve Mezak (Accelerance, Inc.) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Brad Power (MAXOS, Stanford) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Steve Stanton (, HSB) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Karl Wiegers (Process Impact, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Joy Beatty (Seilevel, Purdue University )Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Marshall W. Van Alstyne (Boston University, MIT) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Michael Mankins (Bain and Company Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website



Marie Hattar (Keysight Technologies) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Peter Warren Singer (The New America Foundation) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Jason Andress (Author-it Software Corporation) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Steve Winterfeld (Nordstrom) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Rituja Dongre (CIBC) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Nikola Zlatanov (Monash University) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Hacker Fantastic (myhackerhouse)  Twitter LinkedIn Medium

Bruce Schneier (IBM) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Matt Spence (Andreessen Horowitz) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Michael Kaiser (National Cyber Security Alliance) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Marc van Zadelhoff (IBM) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Steve Morgan (Cybersecurity Venture) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

David Damato (Tanium) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Lawrence Pingree (Gartner) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Larry Gordon (University of Maryland's Smith School of Business) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Richard Turner (Fire Eye, Inc.)  Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website



Gordon Hui HSB (a Division of Munich Re) Twitter LinkedIn Medium 

Katherine Schwab (Fast Company, Co.Design Stanford University) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Megan Smith (United States Government, Google) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Thomas Kalil (Eric and Wendy Schmidt Group, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy) LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Jon Kolko (Modernist Studio) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Henry William (Chesbrough Center for Open Innovation at UC Berkeley, University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Maxwell Wessel (SAP.iO, Stanford Univ. Graduate School of Business) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Menno van Dijk (THNK) LinkedIn Personal Website

Moe Kelley LinkedIn Personal Website

Nathan Furr (INSEAD) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Jeff Dyer (BYU, Wharton School) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

David Aycan (IDEO) Twitter LinkedIn GitHubMedium Personal Website

Paolo Lorenzoni (UBER) LinkedIn

Bill Huseby (Sigma Design, Inc.) LinkedIn Personal Website

Jianxin Jiao (Georgia Institute of Technology) LinkedIn Personal Website

Aden Van Noppen (Harvard Divinity School) Twitter LinkedIn Medium


Supply Chain

Richard Wilding (Cranfield School of Management U.K.) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Dean Foust (UPS) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Martijn Graat (Logistics Matter) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Paul Page (Wall Street Journal) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Lora Cecere (Supply Chain Insights) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Sabine Mueller (DHL) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Steve Banker (ARC Advisory Group) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Adrian Gonzalez (Adelante SCM & Founder) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Bob Ferrari (The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Matt Davis (SCM World) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Tony Xu (DoorDash) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Mark Perera (Old St Labs.) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Adrian Kumar (DHL Supply Chain) LinkedIn

Bertrand Maltaverne (POOL4TOOL) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Tania Seary (Procurious) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Sherrie Miller (MXD Group) Twitter LinkedIn

Brian Baskin (WSJ Logistics Report at The Wall Street Journal) Twitter LinkedIn

Ryan Petersen (Flexport) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Lisa Anderson (LMA Consulting Group, Inc) Twitter LinkedIn 

Cheryl Berklich (Capital One) Twitter LinkedIn

John Ream (Deloitte) LinkedIn

Yang Chu (Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory Innovation) LinkedIn 

David Schatsky (Deloitte LLP) Twitter LinkedIn Medium 

Joe Dewey (Holland & Knight LLP) LinkedIn Medium 

Shawn Amuial (Holland & Knight LLP) LinkedIn 

Robert Ambrogi (Law Office of Robert J. Ambrogi) LinkedIn Medium 

Osborne Clarke (Osborne Clarke Law Firm) Twitter

Stephanie Forshee (ALM Media LLC) Twitter LinkedIn 

Jennifer Williams-Alvarez (ALM Media LLC) Twitter LinkedIn 

Connie Brenton (NetApp) Twitter LinkedIn 

Mark Chandler (SVP) Twitter LinkedIn 

Eric Laughlin (Thomson Reuters Legal) Twitter LinkedIn 

Melissa Maleske (Law360) LinkedIn 

Mark Cohen (Forbes) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Kris Satkunas (LexisNexis) LinkedIn 

SA Mathieson  Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Ian McKenzie (Osborne Clarke) LinkedIn Personal Website

Nick Szabo Twitter Personal Website

Mark Taylor (Osborne Clarke) LinkedIn Personal Website


Human Resources

Josh Bersin (Bersin by Deloitte) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Jeanne Meister (Future Workplace) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Claire Schooley (Forrester Research) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Joelle Emerson (Paradigm)Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Kathryn Minshew  (The Muse) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Lars Schmidt (Amplify Talent) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Laszlo Bock (Humu) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Laurie Ruettimann (LFR LLC) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Marcus Buckingham (Marcus Buckingham Company) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Stacy Zapar (Tenfold)Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Tim Sackett (HRU Technical Resources) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Matt Alder (MetaShift) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Kris Dunn (Kinetix) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Trish McFarlane (Infor) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

William Tincup ( Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium

Melissa Fairman (Mickey Thompson Performance Racing) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Matt Charney (Allegis Global Solutions) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Sabrina Baker (Acacia HR Solutions) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Greg Savage (Greg Savage -The Savage Truth)Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Ryan Kahn (The Hired Group) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Patty McCord (Hike Messenger) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website



Braxton Carter (T-Mobile) Twitter LinkedIn

Bradley Leimer (Explorer Advisory & Capital) Twitter LinkedIn Medium

Brett King (Moven) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Irene Aldridge (AbleMarkets) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Mike Quindazzi (PwC) Twitter LinkedIn Medium

Jim Marous (Digital Banking Report) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Spiros Margaris (Glance Technologies) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Chris Gledhill (Secco Aura)Twitter LinkedIn Medium

Tiffany Hayden (ENABLE) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium

Merete Buljo (Natixis EuroTitres) Twitter LinkedIn

Clark Howard (The Clark Howard Show) Twitter Personal Website

Michael Stelzner (Social Media Examiner) Twitter LinkedIn Medium

Rachel F. Elson ( Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Chris Ducker (Live2Sell Group) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Liz Weston (NerdWallet) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Tiffany Aliche (The Budgetnista) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

JP Nicols (FinTech Forge) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Jim Bruene (BUX Advisors) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Bill Sullivan (Capgemini)Twitter LinkedIn Medium



Amber Baldet (JPMorgan Chase ) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Christian Catalini (MIT) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Andreas Antonopoulos (Andreas M. Antonopoulos) LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Gavin Andresen (Bitcoin Foundation) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Roger Ver ( Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Erik Voorhees ( Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Nick Szabo Twitter Personal Website

Barry Silbert (Digital Currency Group) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Peter Todd Twitter GitHub Medium Personal Website

Bettina Warburg (Animal Ventures) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Adam Ludwin (Chain) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Jeff Garzik (Bloq) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Marc Andreessen Twitter Medium Personal Website

Jessi Baker (Provenance) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Melanie Shapiro (Tokenize) Twitter LinkedIn Medium

Matt Corallo (Blockstream) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium

Naval Ravikant Twitter LinkedIn Medium

Spencer Bogart (Blockchain Capital) Twitter LinkedIn Medium

Brian Behlendorf (Hyperledger Project) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium

Don Tapscott (Blockchain Research Institute) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Laura Shin (Forbes) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium

Emin Gun Sirer (Cornell University) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Sally Eaves Twitter LinkedIn

Eric Kintner (Snell and Wilmer) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Cam Turner Twitter LinkedIn

Navroop Sahdev (UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT)) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Miko Matsumura (Evercoin) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Christopher Ferris (IBM CTO Open Technology, Chair of the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee at Hyperledger Project) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium

Scott Nelson (Sweetbridge) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Manny Puentes (Rebel AI) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Robert (Bob) Tapscott (Blockchain Research Institute) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Michael DiPetrillo (VMware) Twitter LinkedIn

Joshua Sroge LinkedIn

Matej Michalko (#DECENT: Decentralizing Content Distribution) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Gerard Dache (Government Blockchain Association) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Houman Shadab (New York Law School) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium

Rick Cranston (Credit Union Strategic Partners) LinkedIn

David A. Cohen (E7 Ventures) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Joshua Finkleman (Colorado Blockchain Capital, LLC.) LinkedIn

David Delouya LinkedIn 

David Huseby Twitter Personal Website

James Barry (DCNTRAL) LinkedIn GitHub

Frank Ricotta (BurstIQ) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Hans Hultgren (Genesee Academy) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Danny An (ZENTRUST) LinkedIn


Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Tom Emrich (Super Ventures) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Pete Cashmore (Mashable) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Danny Sullivan (Calafia Consulting) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Tony Parisi (Unity Technologies) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Michael Dell (Dell Technologies) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Jessica Lessin (The Information) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Ben Lang ( Twitter LinkedIn

Tim O’Rielly (O'Reilly Media) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Kara Swisher (Recode) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Tim Bradshaw (Financial Times) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Palmer Luckey (Oculus VR) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Personal Website

Kent Bye (Voices of VR) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Lauren Goode (The Verge) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Sanem Avcil (Arkit) Twitter LinkedIn Medium

Rob Crasco (Cyber Adept) Twitter LinkedIn

Tipatat Chennavasin (The Venture Reality Fund) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Cathy Hackl (VR AR Association)Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website


Artificial Intelligence

Andrew Ng (Tesla, Stanford) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Andrej Karpathy (Stanford) Twitter LinkedIn

MIchael I. Jordan (Facebook, NYU) GitHub Personal Website

Yann LeCun (Bloomberg Beta) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

James Cham (London.AI, Twenty Billion Neurons GmbH) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Nathan Beniach (University of Bath, Princeton) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Joanna Bryson (, Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium

Alex Champandard (Facebook) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Soumith Chintala (Baidu, Stanford) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Personal Website

Adam Coates (Nara Logics, Inc.) Twitter LinkedIn

Jana Eggers Twitter LinkedIn




Krishna Sai Andavolu (VICE) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Cheryl Shuman (Cheryl Shuman Inc. CEO) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Aaron Justis (Buds & Roses) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Isaac Dietrich (MassRoots, Inc.) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Jane West (Jane West Enterprises) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Steve DeAngelo (Harborside) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Ophelia Chong ( Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

PRØHBTD (PRØHBTD) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Jodie Emery (Cannabis Culture Magazine) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Wanda L. James Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Ricardo Baca (Grasslands: A Content Agency for Cannabis) Twitter LinkedIn

Troy Dayton (Marijuana Investment & Research Firm) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Keith Stroup ( Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website


Online Learning & Education

Sal Khan (Khan Academy) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Barbera Oakley Personal Website

Sebastian Thrun ( Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Charles Jennings (70:20:10 Institute) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Craig Weiss (The Craig Weiss Group) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Clark Quinn (Quinnovation) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Laura Overton (Towards Maturity) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Jane Hart ( Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Christopher Pappas (eLearning Industry's Network) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Patti Shank (Learning Peaks, LLC) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Harold Jarche (Jarche Consulting) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Roger Schank (Socratic Arts) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Tom Kuhlmann (Articulate) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Alex Corbitt (The Bronx School of Young Leaders) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Monica Burns ( Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Vicki A. Davis (Cool Cat Teacher, LLC) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) Twitter Personal Website

Tom Murray (Future Ready Schools) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Jaime Casap (Google) Twitter LinkedIn Medium


Company Culture

Abbie Pugh (Multiple) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Meghan M. Biro (TalentCulture Consulting Group/TalentCulture World of Work) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Gautam Ghosh (VBeyond) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Christine Comaford (SmartTribes Institute, LLC) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

China Gorman (PeopleStrong) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Stacy Savides Sullivan (Google) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Gabrielle Toledano LinkedIn Medium

Grant McCracken (Artisanal Economies Project) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Liz Ryan (Human Workplace) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Patty McCord (Hike Messenger)Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Susan Lee (Warby Parker) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Tony Hsieh Twitter LinkedIn Medium

Mark Levy (Airbnb) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Liane Hornsey (Uber) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Jessica Bryndza (Uber) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Ben Wood (Google) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

John Reid-Dodick (WeWork) Twitter LinkedIn

Didier Elzinga (Culture Amp) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Schuyler Brown (Sightful) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Aaron Dignan (The Ready) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Nita Baum (b*free) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Joseph White (Herman Miller) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Neel Doshi (Vega Factor) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Andy Fleming (Way to Grow INC.) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Adam Bryant (Corner Office, NYT)Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website


Startup Accelerators

Paul Graham (Y Combinator) Twitter Personal Website

Jed D. Christiansen (TechStars) Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Brad Feld (TechStars, Foundry Group)Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Medium Personal Website

Michael Seibel (Y Combinator) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Ian Hathaway (Hillgate Partners) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Thomas Kohler (Hawaii Pacific University) LinkedIn Medium

Benjamin Hallen (University of Washington, Michael G. Foster School of Business) LinkedIn Personal Website

Christopher B. Bingham (UNC Chapel Hill) LinkedIn Personal Website

Susan Cohen (University of Richmond) Twitter Medium Personal Website

Anand Sanwal (CB Insights) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Sam Altman (Y Combinator) Twitter Medium Personal Website

Aspen Institute Twitter GitHub Medium Personal Website

Nina Radojevich-Kelley (Metropolitan State University of Denver) LinkedIn 

Sheryl Winston Smith (Villanova School of Business) LinkedIn Personal Website

Thomas J. Hannigan (Dropbox) Twitter LinkedIn Medium

Ravi Belani (Alchemist Accelerator) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Christopher Quek (Tri5 Ventures) LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Ben Yoskovitz (Highline BETA) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures) Twitter LinkedIn Medium Personal Website

Phillip H Phan  Personal Website

Sarfraz A Mian (SUNY Oswego) LinkedIn Personal Website

Wadid Lamine (Toulouse Business School) LinkedIn

Dave McClure (500 Startups) Twitter LinkedIn Medium

Falguni Desai (Credit Suisse) Twitter LinkedIn

Yael Hochberg (Rice University) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Dominik Kanbach (Stern Stewart & Co.) Twitter LinkedIn

Stephan Stubner (Leipzig Graduate School of Management) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website

Henry William Chesbrough (Center for Open Innovation at UC Berkeley) Twitter LinkedIn Personal Website