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Hello, I'm West Stringfellow and I welcome you to HowDo. 

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HowDo is an all-in-one educational platform that offers comprehensive and centralized training for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovation professionals. Unlike conventional business courses or self-help resources, HowDo's 'Business Evolution' course is a free, open-source roadmap to entrepreneurship, making transformative business knowledge accessible to anyone with a vision.

Business Evolution is unique in its depth, created through a meticulous process involving decades of industry experience, years of in-depth research, and extensive testing. It's not just a course, but a tool, a reference, and a step-by-step process that equips you with the knowledge and skills to turn your ideas into reality. Unlike other platforms that require hopping around the internet for fragmented information, HowDo provides all the resources you need in one place, and in an easily digestible format.

This platform is the brainchild of a committed problem solver, driven by a vision of a world filled with knowledgeable and empowered problem solvers. Business Evolution stands apart from other resources due to its comprehensiveness and centralization. Designed to bridge the gap between having an idea and actually creating a transformative company, this training is a one-of-a-kind resource for those seeking to innovate, lead, and make an impact.

So, whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a curious executive, or an ambitious product manager, HowDo is your go-to platform for free, comprehensive, and life-changing knowledge. Join the ranks of innovators from over 210 countries who have benefitted from HowDo's resources and take your idea from zero to one, or from ten to hundred. Welcome to a future where you don't have to dive down the rabbit hole alone - HowDo is here to guide your way.


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