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Accessible, repeatable innovation for all

HowDo is a resource for all potentional innovators and entrepreneurs wanting to grow their careers and companies. The innovation process is complex and cluttered with low-quality content. Many think that innovation is only for tech giants and Silicon Valley. We want to make innovation accessible.

HowDo is the first resource that centralizes the information that modern businesses need to compete in the modern, digital economy. We digested the best information on innovation and growth and distlled the insights into simple, action-oriented resources. These resources help businesses and their employees replicate the success of fast-growing companies like Amazon and Netflix.

HowDo was created by West Stringfellow, an innovation leader with over 20 years experience building new business and products at both corporate giants and startups. He's held executive-level innovation, product and engineering roles at Target, PayPal, VISA, Rosetta Stone, GraysOnline and BigCommerce and spent 3 years at Amazon as a Senior Product Manager.

West witnessed the highs and lows of varied companies. When innovation thrived, it was because the company understood the customer, encouraged internal excellence, embraced market trends, and understood the tools of innovation. HowDo helps you do the same.

This resource is free so that anyone can drive innovation and growth. If you want help implementing any of the ideas in this resource, visit our services or email us at [email protected]