There is no try, only Do.
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HowDo offers Insights and strategies to help you transform your organization.

  • Original research on emerging markets and trends.

  • Case studies featuring modern companies in a data-driven mobile-first world.

  • Curated insights from genuine 10,000 hour experts.

  • Weekly updates with hand-picked articles on strategy, technology and the people that make it all happen.



Empowering Change-makers

Innovation is hard. You may see the opportunities and threats in the digital world but you have to convince the rest of your organization to see it, too.  How do you convince your organization? With data. 

HowDo is here to support you with the best data from across the web.  We know that one person can't know everything so we've built research that leverages the best of the internet. Insights aren't found inside the flashy product launches or letters to shareholders —insights are found in experts' perspectives, a lot of which have already been published via various channels.



HowDo Innovation Guides

We're putting in countless hours into researching the topics that matter to create no-bullshit guides on innovation. We're using information from the best sources on the web, clearly sourced so you can explore it yourself. No black box consulting jargon. No incredulous facts. 

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The Team

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West Stringfellow

West Stringfellow's career has focused on driving innovation and product management at scale. He is currently Founder and CEO of, his effort to teach the world how to innovate.

Prior to founding HowDo West successfully led innovation at Target, PayPal & VISA; founded the partnership between Target and Techstars; served as Chief Product Officer at Rosetta Stone & Bigcommerce; and was a Senior Product Manager at Amazon.

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Ben Ophoven-Baldwin

Ben Ophoven-Baldwin is the research coordinator at He focuses on the intersection between corporations, startups and technology with the goal of explaining emerging concepts to every level of the business — from entry level to CEO. 

Ben graduated from University of Minnesota - Duluth with a degree in Economics where his research focused corruption, economic growth and monetary policy.