Helping Innovators

Created in 2017 and consistently improved through research and testing, HowDo offers free innovation education. HowDo is created and maintained by West Stringfellow.

West’s goal is to empower everyone with the education required to envision and create economically and environmentally sustainable businesses that address global challenges and pave the path for a brighter future.

To make HowDo’s free resources possible, West helps CEOs, founders, executives, and their teams innovate.

HowDo’s Mission

“To unleash business innovation to solve our greatest global challenges and secure a prosperous future for all.”

Businesses Must Evolve

I believe in accelerating world-changing innovation and that nearly everyone can learn to innovate. Driven by a profound sense of urgency, my purpose is to help others achieve their dreams of making a positive impact through innovation.

Innovators evolve businesses by aligning talent, technology, and resources to create new solutions.

Today, the world needs innovators to:
🥗 Ensure accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare, education, housing, nutrition, and water.
💰 Empower and enrich workers at all levels.
🌎 Eliminate pollutants in our air, water, food, and soil.
⚡️ Accelerate the clean energy transition.
🏛️ Uphold justice, law, and democracy.
🌪️ Enhance resilience and responses to natural disasters.

To accelerate world-changing innovations, we must transform ideas into disruptive solutions. I have done this before, many times.

Now, I am creating the “Business Evolution” playbooks and masterclasses to help you learn how to do it too.

Learn how. Then do.

Welcome to HowDo,

West Stringfellow

Founder and CEO, HowDo
Creator, Business Evolution

Redefining Business: Purpose Beyond Profit

Looking beyond financial gains towards genuine, sustainable value and positive societal impact.

True Growth: Beyond Short-Term Fixes

Status Quo = The Growth Illusion: Today’s businesses often resort to quick fixes – compromising quality, inflating prices, outsourcing jobs, and initiating stock buybacks. These short-term tactics undermine our nation’s capacity for real, sustainable growth.

HowDo’s Goal: To accelerate business leaders who drive sustainable growth – innovating responsibly, investing wisely, and operating transparently to create lasting value for customers, shareholders, and workers.

Liberating Lives: Essentials Without Debt

Status Quo = The Debt Trap: Life’s essentials – healthcare, housing, education, transportation, and food – shouldn’t condemn anyone to a lifetime of debt.

HowDo’s Goal: To help business leaders that expand universal access to life’s essentials, aiming to liberate countless lives from the crushing weight of debt.

Healing Our World: The Natural Renaissance

Status Quo = Environmental Crisis: Rising sea levels, extreme weather, rampant wildfires, and rapid biodiversity loss underscore an urgent crisis: our natural world is off balance.

HowDo’s Goal: To empower business leaders who are actively healing our biosphere, igniting a renaissance of balance within our natural world.

Ignite Your Evolution Through Open Education

HowDo’s Founder and CEO, West Stringfellow, believes in the power of shared knowledge to shape the leaders of tomorrow. That’s why he’s offering his wealth of experience and research in the Business Evolution masterclasses and playbooks, completely free.

Join West on this transformative journey.

Business Evolution with West: 
Free Knowledge, Monumental Impact

No Catch, Just My Belief: Knowledge is Power

“I firmly believe our future hinges on sharing knowledge and fostering empowerment. That’s why Business Evolution is free.” – West

Unlock Your Inner Innovator

“I’ve pioneered industries while transforming startups and Fortune 150s. Now, let’s unleash your inner innovator to build sustainable, impactful businesses for monumental change.” – West