About HowDo

HowDo is the complete guide to innovation.

  • Entrepreneurs use HowDo to build businesses that appeal to customers and investors.
  • Executives, Managers and Employees use HowDo to achieve their ambitious career goals.
  • Investors use HowDo to analyze teams, companies and sectors through the lens of innovation.
  • Students use HowDo to gain the skills required to survive and thrive in the future of work.
Change is the New Business As Usual.

In times of change, businesses need innovation to:

  • Grow Revenue
  • Decrease Operating Costs
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Empower Employees
  • Delight Customers

HowDo help your business thrive in times of change by giving you innovation training that is free, world-class and self-guided:

  • HowDo prepares you to succeed by developing the right mindset.
  • HowDo gives you step-by-step instructions to build a plan that deeply analyzes your customer, competitor, market and available technology.
  • HowDo gives you insights into building and leading an innovative team capable of executing your plan.
  • HowDo gives you best practice in innovation tools like product management, startup accelerators, mentorship and communities of practice.
  • HowDo analyzes and explains the growth of Alphabet (formerly: Google), Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft – commonly known as “BigTech” – by deep-diving into their products, platforms, sectors and strategies.

HowDo is the complete guide to innovation. We compiled 6K+ research facts and spent $500K+ creating the world’s most comprehensive innovation resource – ALL FREE TO YOU!


Hours of Research and Creation


Free to you

You Can Innovate. I Will Show You How.
Together We Will Change The World.

West Stringfellow, HowDo’s Founder and CEO, leads product management and innovation at scale. Throughout his 25 year career, West honed his ability to quickly create a better strategic vision of a company’s future, motivate large groups of people to pursue that vision and then lead teams through the operational, financial, organizational and technical processes that bring strategic visions to life.

To learn more about West, please visit his website https://we.st.


VP of Innovation & Entrepreneur in Residence

Founder, Techstars + Target Retail Accelerator

Chief Product Officer

Chief Product Officer

Senior Director, Platform, Product & Innovation

VP of European eCommerce & Innovation

Senior Product Manager

Why West Stringfellow Built HowDo

“Knowing how to succeed in business is an inalienable human right.

Innovation is how modern businesses succeed.

Therefore, everyone needs to know how to innovate.”

– West Stringfellow
HowDo’s Founder and CEO

West Stringfellow, HowDo’s Founder and CEO, built HowDo to train the world how to innovate. West knows innovation will be used to solve our common challenges:

  • Creating quality jobs for today’s and tomorrow’s workers
  • Urgently addressing climate change
  • Providing free, quality education to everyone
  • Eliminating poverty and radical wealth inequality
  • Protecting individual freedoms
  • Closing the economic and social divide
  • Creating equal access to justice and opportunity

Solving these problems starts with ensuring your professional success. Because when you succeed in your career: your team succeeds, your business succeeds, the people you care about succeed, your community succeeds and – if you are a generous person – the causes you care about succeed.

Ultimately – when HowDo is successful in training millions of entrepreneurs and innovators on Earth – the whole world succeeds.

Together, we will succeed.

Our Mission

HowDo is on a mission to teach the world innovation best practice.

Teach Everyone to Innovate

  • Innovation will create millions of new products, services and platforms that reduce the cost while increasing the quality and capacity of the world’s education, food, healthcare, housing and transportation systems.
  • Innovation will create millions of new sustainable products and services to achieve carbon-neutral emissions and decelerate climate change.
  • By solving these problems, innovation will create hundreds of millions of new quality jobs in new equitable companies.

Innovation Creates Quality Jobs

Quality Jobs are those that:

  • Provide compensation that allows for employees to pay for today and save for tomorrow
  • Provide reasonable hours and paid time off
  • Provide work environments that are diverse, inclusive, healthy and safe
  • Provide employee benefits, like comprehensive and low deductible health insurance and retirement assistance
  • Provide long-term professional development and growth
  • Empower employees with the permission, knowledge and freedom to innovate

Innovation Creates Equitable Companies

Equitable Companies are those that:

  • Grow revenue
  • Decrease operating costs
  • Mitigate risk
  • Delight customers
  • Empower employees
  • Equitably return value to employees and shareholders
  • Plan for the long term
  • Use their social, cultural, financial, political and technical power to reduce inequality and climate change

Our Future Is
Better Together

Working together, HowDo foresees:

  • A future that is diverse, inclusive and equitable.
  • A future that builds prosperous nations on sustainable industries.
  • A future where a vast majority of the people have access to quality jobs, education, healthcare, housing, justice and food.
  • A future where our differences are celebrated and our equality acknowledged.