The Journey to HowDo: A Chronicle of Rigor, Innovation, and Open-Source Knowledge

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The Journey to HowDo: A Chronicle of Rigor, Innovation, and Open-Source Knowledge

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In a world where knowledge holds the key to success, I embarked on a mission to democratize business insights for the betterment of all. My name is West Stringfellow, and I am thrilled to pull back the curtain on HowDo, a platform built on the principle of empowering entrepreneurs and executives with the wisdom they need to not only thrive but also make meaningful contributions to our world.

I believe we have the power to safeguard democracy, reduce economic inequality, eradicate pollution, transition to a sustainable economy, and adapt to our ever-changing climate by catalyzing our collective success. But to do so, we first needed an accessible, reliable roadmap. That's where HowDo comes in.

Our journey began with a reflection, mining 20 years of experience in building companies to document critical insights I wish I had known at the start. But knowledge knows no boundaries, and I quickly realized that there were gaps to be filled. So, I assembled a team of experts who brought their unique perspectives to the table, transforming my insights into a comprehensive and user-friendly process.

Then, came the refinement. We rigorously tested the process five times, fine-tuning our approach with each iteration. The goal? To save you time and money by offering you a streamlined, battle-tested guide to business and innovation.

Five years of my life were spent delving deep into a treasure trove of business and innovation literature. I wasn't alone on this voyage - a dedicated research team, clocking over 40,000 hours, accompanied me, mining insights and unearthing wisdom.

We then enlisted the expertise of professional writers and editors, who transformed our research into a series of readily accessible articles. These pieces have now been accessed by over 300,000 people from every corner of the globe, testament to our shared pursuit of knowledge.

But the process didn't end there. We learned, adapted, and evolved. In response to feedback and to answer burgeoning questions, I collaborated with over 40 professionals across four years. These included professors from MIT specializing in entrepreneurship, product innovation leaders from Amazon and PayPal, consultants from Deloitte and McKinsey, and investment bankers from London.

Transparency was, and remains, paramount to us. As a result, you can freely access all our sources and research. The work of 3 rounds of testing, researching, and writing culminated in the world-class process that HowDo proudly presents today.

We've done the heavy lifting, aggregating perspectives that will guide you on your journey, whether you're taking your startup from zero to one or accelerating your idea from 10 to 100. Welcome to HowDo - your roadmap to business evolution.