21 Days to a Big Idea!: Creating Breakthrough Business Concepts

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21 Days to a Big Idea! Creating Breakthrough Business Concepts

About This Book:

Bryan Mattimore is a big idea guy-bringing in over $3 billion in sales for Fortune 500 companies through innovation projects. In “Start Me Up: 21 Days To a Big Idea,” Mattimore takes readers through a disciplined, creative process to help aspiring entrepreneurs create an original new business concept.

About the Author:

Bryan W. Mattimore: Bryan W. Mattimore is cofounder of the Growth Engine Company (www.growth-engine.com), a sixteen-year old innovation agency based in Norwalk, Connecticut. Bryan has facilitated over a thousand brainstorming sessions, and managed over two hundred innovation projects, leading to over $3 billion in new sales for a wide variety of Fortune 500 clients, including Kraft, Unilever, Ford, BNY Mellon, LVMH, Merck, and Pepsi. A cum laude graduate of Dartmouth, his last book on ideation and innovation process was IDEA STORMERS: HOW TO LEAD AND INSPIRE CREATIVE BREAKTHROUGHS (Wiley Jossey-Bass). He is also the inventor of the creativity training game, Bright Ideas.

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