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Gutenberg the Geek

About This Book:

Johannes Gutenberg was our first geek, the original technology entrepreneur, who had to grapple with all the challenges a Silicon Valley startup faces today. Jeff Jarvis tells Gutenberg’s story from an entrepreneurial perspective, examining how he overcame technology hurdles, how he operated with the secrecy of a Steve Jobs but then shifted to openness, how he raised capital and mitigated risk, and how, in the end, his cash flow and equity structure did him in. This is also the inspiring story of a great disruptor. That is what makes Gutenberg the patron saint of entrepreneurs.

About the Author:

Jeff Jarvis is the author of “What Would Google Do?”, “Public Parts”, “Geeks Bearing Gifts”, and “Gutenberg the Geek.” He blogs at and is a cohost of the podcast This Week in Google. He was named one of 100 worldwide media leaders by the World Economic Forum at Davos from 2007 to 2018, and he was the creator and founding editor of Entertainment Weekly. He is on the faculty of the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism in New York City.

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