Legal Department Innovation

A Guide to the Technologies and Processes Changing Law and the Legal Department

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“When it comes to workflow innovation – making changes that can make a legal department or firm more efficient, and, heck, possibly a happier place to work – the corporate law world is as progressive as the Flintstones.” – Anthony Davis, Lexpert, 2016.

About this guide:

It’s rare that an innovation breakthrough disrupts the legal industry, which is largely one of tradition and precedent. However, the legal world is under pressure, and technology is proving to be a game-changer in a world of budget constraints, compliance, fierce competition, and risk. According to LexisNexis Business of Law Blog, an in-house legal department might have its budget reduced by as much as five to ten percent in a single year but will still be expected to show the same or better performance.

It is for this reason, then, that corporate legal departments are finding ways to use technology for greater cost efficiencies and to deliver better results. To that end, there are countless online resources, articles, bar journals, blog posts, interviews, and company websites with high-quality information on corporate legal innovation, and this guide is an attempt to amass and organize these resources.


Artificial Intelligence, Law and the Legal Department

Understanding AI & Emerging AI-Driven Solutions for Legal Departments

The first article in this series introduces the technologies that are impacting the corporate legal department – or will soon – such as artificial intelligence, its adoption, and the metrics that can measure department performance.


Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and the Legal Department

Understanding Blockchain & Emerging Blockchain-Powered Solutions

The second article explains the more practical and technical aspects of digital transformation and leadership for innovation, including smart contracts powered by blockchain.


The New Legal Department

Agile Processes, Operations, and Outsourcing

Lastly, the third and final article explains agile work processes in the legal arena. It also addresses department staffing and talent management, including the new skills and expertise required when transforming organizational structure and processes to create greater efficiencies. Finally, we discuss when outsourcing is an option for legal organizations undergoing change.

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