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I’m on a mission to help you and your team rapidly grow revenue, decrease costs, mitigate risks, empower employees, delight customers, and attract and retain investors. Together, we will leverage customer-obsession and data-driven decisions to build innovative strategies. We will then use product management and technology best-practices to launch solutions that transform your company and disrupt your industry.

My journey spans from the ideation of startups, through the launch of new product categories, to the transformation of Fortune 500 companies. If my experiences below map to your needs, I would love to hear your vision and co-create the future with you.

Visionary Coaching, Made Accessible

For those who have more time than money: I have meticulously crafted the free Business Evolution Masterclasses to empower you with the knowledge you need to accelerate and derisk your journey.

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Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Executive Coaching

Get tailored one-on-one executive coaching from Business Evolution creator and experienced executive, West Stringfellow. Unlock your leadership potential and navigate complex challenges with insights and experiences personalized to your unique needs.

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Adapt and Thrive in Today's Business Landscape

Unlock your organization's full potential with our tailor-made Enterprise Consultancy services. Leverage West Stringfellow's extensive experience to drive innovation, growth, and success in your company.

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Accelerate Your Startup's Growth and Success

Navigate the unique challenges startups face with HowDo's personalized consultancy services. Harness our expertise in Business Evolution and West Stringfellow's impressive track record to achieve your vision.

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Transformative insights from a renowned industry expert

Elevate your event with an inspiring speaker - West Stringfellow, creator of Business Evolution and founder and CEO of HowDo. West's experience in driving innovation has made him a sought-after speaker for Fortune 150 CEOs, government organizations, and top educational institutions.

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Tailored strategies to drive growth, innovation, and success in your organization

As an experienced executive and creator of Business Evolution, West provides bespoke solutions designed to address your unique challenges and goals. Collaborate with him to develop and implement strategies and build solutions that drive results.

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Product Management & Development

Experience That Drives Success

West’s diverse range of services is backed by a proven track record of achievements and real-world experience spanning two decades. From leading successful startups to transforming global corporations, West leverages his extensive expertise to provide invaluable insights and practical strategies to help you excel. 

Here’s a glimpse into the wealth of experience that West brings to his coaching and consulting services:

Leverage the Insights of a Proven Product & Innovation Leader

Transforming organizations, launching award-winning products, and enhancing user experiences for hundreds of millions of customers, West’s work embodies strategic vision and adept execution.

Career Highlights

  • Amazon: Pioneered product initiatives in digital video, fraud prevention, marketing, marketplaces, and web services
  • Rosetta Stone: Developed several category-leading and award-winning products and platforms in new customer segments
  • PayPal: Led creation of the first point-of-sale product and platform (‘Most Innovative’ award)
  • Techstars: Founded first Retail Startup Accelerator
  • Target:  Distinguished as the first Entrepreneur in Residence, and later founded the company’s centralized innovation team

Ignite Change: Tap into West’s Transformative Business Acumen

West Stringfellow turns potential into performance. His track record of impactful transformations spans Amazon, PayPal, Visa, and beyond.

Career Highlights

  • Amazon: Cut European free cash flow losses from merchant fraud by a stunning 98%
  • PayPal: Safeguarded 3M+ Australian consumers from legally losing account access
  • Rosetta Stone: Ended a 6-year stagnation by launching 6 products in 1 year while improving legacy app ratings from 1★ to 4.5★ 
  • Visa: Boosted European Verified by Visa program usage by 130% YOY
  • Target: Created a 20-member innovation team and board, eliminated 8-digits of waste, mentored 14 departments (NPS: 72), and created startup incubators and accelerators

Scale & Exit: Your Startup Success with West’s Insight

Entrepreneurs seeking to build, scale, and exit successfully, tap into West’s strategic acumen. His experience in creating and selling a startup to a Fortune 50 company is the guidance you need.

Career Highlights

  • Innovation: Patented a transformative solution
  • Capital: Successfully raised $7M in funding
  • Development: Assembled an all-star team and board, delivering a top-tier product and platform
  • Exit: Sold his patents for a successful exit to a Fortune 50 company
  • Ecosystem: Created the first Retail Startup Accelerator with Techstars and Target

Elevate Your Leadership with West Stringfellow’s Proven Experience

Navigate today’s business landscape with confidence, guided by West Stringfellow’s leadership expertise. His executive acumen, applauded by Fortune 150 CEOs and the global entrepreneurial community, can fuel your success journey.

  • Elite Performance: Nominated by three Fortune 150 CEOs for Top 1% Executive Leadership Programs
  • Recognized Leader: Elected as a “Minnesota (Real) Power 50” by the business community
  • Global Impact: Selected as a Fellow for New Zealand’s Edmund Hillary Fellowship

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Elevate Your Leadership with West’s Coaching

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Accelerate your success with personalized coaching. West’s extensive experience in executive leadership and entrepreneurship equips you with the insights to navigate today’s business landscape with confidence. With packages starting from just $325 for 15 minutes or $1,500 for an hour, you can begin your transformative journey today. 

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Ignite Innovation at Your Event with West

Request West as a Speaker

Offer your audience a unique blend of innovation, experience, and practical insights with West, the mastermind behind Business Evolution and CEO of HowDo. Leveraging two decades of industry expertise, West delivers powerful narratives, actionable strategies, and engaging Q&A sessions. Preferred by Fortune 500 CEOs, government bodies, and top-tier institutions, his talks inspire, educate, and drive success.

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Leverage West’s extensive entrepreneurial and executive experience for your critical projects. Benefit from his unique insights, proven strategies, and innovative solutions to overcome challenges and accelerate your business growth.

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“I firmly believe our future hinges on sharing knowledge and fostering empowerment. That’s why Business Evolution is free.” – West

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