Fair Pay, Fair Play: Aligning Executive Performance and Pay

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Fair Pay, Fair Play: Aligning Executive Performance and Pay

About This Book:

A timely look at how to evaluate and determine executive pay Recognized as the leading expert on executive compensation, Robin Ferracone combines her own 20 years of experience with interviews with executives and compensation committees to provide a clear examination of and guidance on determining pay packages, actions, and designs. and Over the past 25 years, the author has created a database of executive pay across 44,000 companies, broken down by company performance, company revenue and industry. Using this data, the author provides boards and individuals evaluating executive pay with the ability to analytically determine an appropriate compensation package.

Provides real-life stories, perspectives, and insights from thought leaders on executive compensation Contains interview with compensation committee members, executives, academicians, government leaders, and shareholder activists Research based on 44,000 companies broken down by performance, revenue and industry Offers a timely resource on a hot button topic.

About the Author:

Robin A Ferracone: Ms. Ferracone is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Farient Advisors (Farient), a compensation and performance advisory firm. Farient helps clients make performance-enhancing and defensible decisions that are in the best interests of their shareholders. Ms. Ferracone provides compensation and performance advisory services to public and private companies.

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