Cuisiner une entreprise : leçons d'amateurs de cuisine qui ont transformé leur passion en carrière - et comment vous pouvez aussi

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Cooking Up a Business: Lessons From Food Lovers Who Turned Their Passion Into a Career — and How You Can, Too

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Stories and advice for creating a business out of the food you love.

Do you have a passion for delicious food and want to create your own business out of it, but have no idea where to start? Cooking Up a Business is essential reading for aspiring entrepreneurs and gives you a real-world, up-close-and-personal preview of the exciting journey. Through profiles and interviews with nationally known food entrepreneurs from Popchips, Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Hint Water, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Love Grown Foods, Kopali Organics, Tasty, Evol, Justin’s Nut Butters, Cameron Hughes Wine, and more, you will gain applicable, practical guidance that teaches you how to succeed today:

– How to create a national brand–with no connections or experience
– The secret to getting meetings with grocery store buyers
– The number one thing you need to know about food safety regulations
– Why a grassroots budget might actually help you succeed
– Specific advice for gluten-free, organic, wine, and beverage companies
– What every entrepreneur wishes someone had told them at the beginning – Why doing what you love is always a good idea

A propos de l'auteur:

A former food editor at O, the Oprah Magazine and Reader’s Digest, Rachel Hofstetter is now founder in chief at guesterly magazine. She received a degree in economics from Miami University and lives in New York City with her husband, Lorne.

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